What are we?

We are a validator. But not just your run-of-the-mill validator. We distinguish ourselves by being a DAO, and by operating critical infrastructure in remote places where no one else is doing it, such as in Iceland. In that sense we like to present ourselves as being the validator equivalent of locally-sourced, free-range, organic, seed-oil free produce: we're most likely a good addition to your chain!

What do we want to do?

We are building a decentralized validator entity. We want to decentralize validator infrastructure and let you own a part of the validator you're delegating to - (O, D).

What does (O, D) signify?

We want to allow everyone to own a part of our validators, and earn from the value that their self-brought stake generates. Own + Delegate (O, D) is our moniker for the game theory of compounding and exponential impacts of collective ownership or a validator. Where there is overlap of owners of VDO and owners of coins of other chains on which we delegate, there will be increased incentive to delegate to us rather than any other validator. Doing so will increase the value of your share of ValiDAO, at zero extra cost to you.

What do we do?

Our main business is operating validators. But we also run related services such as RPCs, IBC relayers, DA nodes, and more.

What is a validator?

A validator is an entity who participates in PoS consensus. They are responsible for attesting to the validity of transactions, and proposing new blocks. For this, they receive revenue from the underlying protocol in the form of fees + block rewards. They are the PoS equivalent of miners.

What is an (IBC) relayer?

IBC is an inter-blockchain-communication protocol, native to most cosmos chains. IBC the protocol relies on IBC relayers (such as ourselves) to relay transactions between different blockchains, and ensure that messages are correctly transferred and acknowledged. This enables interoperability between chains. They are not directly related to validation activities, but is still something we do to support the Interchain ecosystem.

Wen DAO?

Once the infra is in place for a seamless transition. We are aware of the common pitfall DAOs face and want to guarantee ValiDAO the highest chance of continued longevity and success.

Why token?

All things equal, it will always be +ev to own part of the validator you are delegating your tokens to instead of a third party that takes a cut in fees. We believe a token allows the best way to facilitate community ownership and decentralize our services.

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