The opportunity

The validator landscape is competitive. To gain delegators and a seat at the table of hot new chains, you need to distinguish yourself and provide value.

Today, most incumbent validators are mostly interchangeable. They show the same characteristics: their infrastructure runs on common cloud providers, and they offer little tertiary value to the chains on which they validate.

In contrast, we stand out by offering several unique value propositions:

  • Validators and other supportive chain-related services run in underrepresented geographical locations and jurisdictions (such as Iceland) as well as on dePIN solutions (such as Akash). This aids decentralization, and appeals to foundations, who often have significant delegation programmes in place that allocate according to contributions and value-add.

  • Being DAO-owned, we can provide chains with hypercharged networking, outreach, and propaganda. This also appeals to chains and their foundations.

  • Thanks to network effects, we will have a large network that chain-building teams can leverage for connections, fundraising, and consultancy

We're confident these qualities will appeal strongly to foundations to onboard us to upcoming testnets (and ultimately mainnets). Read on to understand our strategy as it exists today.

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