Phase 2: Foothold

In our second phase, our DAO will already have:

  • A large holder and follower count

  • A large group of engaged and capable contributors

  • Transferred its treasury wallet to a multisig operated by select DAO members

  • A track record of technical expertise, and operational excellence in testnets & mainnets

  • Be a top relayer and rpc provider

This foundation will give us leverage to join highly coveted testnets.

Generally, testnet participation ultimately leads to a genesis mainnet spot with foundation delegations, and is pretty much the only way that you can enter most new chains with a cap on validator count unless you're an investor.

Thus, in this phase, we will be heads-down working on above-and-beyond participation in testnets on from a technical perspective, but also from a marketing perspective.

Expect this in Q1-Q2 2024

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