Phase 3: Liftoff

In this phase, we are comfortably running several mainnet validators across cosmos and elsewhere and are generating revenue from these. At this point and moving forward, we will look to become operators in liquid staking protocols such as Lido, SSV, frxEth, Jito, Stride.

Furthermore, with us generating revenue, governance will take over ande decide on how to manage our profits, taking decisions such as:

  • Buybacks and burn?

  • Run promotional campaigns to grow delegator count on any specific chain?

  • Participate in funding rounds for new L1s?

The last point is worth emphasizing: as a large validator, we will get access to dealflow typically reserved for VCs, including participating in funding rounds for upcoming chains. With a large warchest and astute insights from our familiarity with the L1 space, such opportunities can be large drivers of future revenue.

This phase will largely be about building a good DAO structure.

Expect this in Q2-Q3 2024

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